Rhetorical Triangle Vs Rhetorical Triangle

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I believe that both triangles, but more specifically the rhetorical triangle, effectively illustrate “the balance of all three appeals that a writer should use for an effective argument” (“Reading: Rhetorical Triangle). From the diagrams, it seems that each individual rhetoric and communication component remains “as important as the others and too much of one is likely to produce an argument that readers with either find unconvincing or that will cause them to stop reading” (“Reading: Rhetorical Triangle). With the purpose of technical communication centered upon simplifying complex information, the use of both triangles in this form of communication seems more than necessary. For example, when creating any form of technical writing having an awareness of your “reason for the communication” and your identity as a “the creator of the communication” as well as to whom your writing is directed towards aids in communicating information in a more understandable manner for audience (“Reading: Communication Triangle). In addition, carefully finding a balance between all three…show more content…
In the field of medicine, assessing rhetorical appeals plays a vital role in effectively communicating with other healthcare professionals about new medical advances and suggestions, but more importantly with patients about their diagnoses. Likewise, it also logical to understand how to cater your topic of conversation while commanding the necessary respect from your peers as an established speaker in such a professional
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