Rhett Vs Mccaffey Essay

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Do you know a lot about your favorite country singers? The lives they live vary in many different ways. Even how their career in music ever began. However, the way they are made up contrast between each singer. Appearance is another aspect of who they are as a human being. Both Scotty McCreery and Thomas Rhett have similarities, but have comparisons in life, career in music, and appearance.l
Scotty McCreery’s life is different, but also the same as any other person. Scotty was born on October 9, 1993, in the early part of autumn to Judy and Mike McCreery. He grew up in the great state of Garner, North Carolina. At a young age he learned how to play guitar, while looking up to his role model Elvis Presley. Later on in life, Scotty won season 10 of American Idol the TV show. He 's now at age 22, is attending NC State University. In contrast, Thomas Rhett was born on March 30, 1990, in the first part of summer to Paige Braswell. He grew up in his hometown of
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Scotty McCreery 's appearance is a lot like Thomas 's, but a little different. His eyes are as blue as the crystal in water. His hair is as brown as the trees in the beautiful fall season. Another thing is his height is 5’10 which isn 't too tall , but perfect for the music industry. Thomas Rhett 's appearance has a lot of similarities to Scotty but a little different. Brown, the colors of his eyes, pulls you in drastically. His brown hair is nothing to compare to anyone else in the world. Thomas Rhett 's height is short, but not like his personality.
In conclusion, Thomas Rhett and Scotty McCreery have things in common, but each have differences in life,career in music and appearance. Lives of everyone are different. The way the rest of their life is going to go due to their career in music. Also they way their appearance is, defines them as a country singer. Because of these characteristics, the music industry is fortunate to have them as
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