Rhino Poaching Research Paper

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Rhino poaching
Jackie Chan, a famous movie star, is spreading the word about rhino poaching. Chan has spread the word by making commercials and telling fans on social media to stop buying ivory, rhino horn, and other endangered animal products. One article explains that as a child, Jackie learned and believed that poached products such as shark fin soup would toughen his skin, and tiger bone oil would heal bruises. Also, Chan was made to believe rhino horn would defeat cancer. (www.globalanimal.org/2014/01/07/china-delivers-crushing-blow-for-ivory-trade/ ).
Chan became aware of the harm he was causing to animals by using poached products, he learned this when he came to the U.S.. For example, when he was making a movie in China, they gave him shark fin soup. He refused and asked for a different kind. Jackie's motive is to change Chinese attitudes towards wildlife. “I want my grandchildren to be able to see animals like a rhino in the wild.” (www.globalanimal.org/2014/01/07/china-delivers-crushing-blow-for-ivory-trade/ )

What causes rhino poaching
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Poaching has killed off thousands of rhinos, and the numbers keep growing (https://www.savetherhino.org/rhino_info/rhino_population_figures). Although it is proven that rhino horn has no medicinal value, the high demand in rhinoceros horn is mainly caused by the myth that rhino horn can cure cancer and hangovers . In Asia, 70% percent of people believe that rhino horn is rhino teeth that fall out and grow back. This idea is encouraged by sellers so they can sell more horn (Olstein, pg 33). Also, poachers are poaching more rhinose because the price has skyrocketed to 100,000 dollars a kg. That makes rhino horn more expensive than its weight in gold.Humans have deprived these beautiful animals of a life because people believe that rhino horn can cure cancer and hangovers. People are so greedy they would take a beautiful animal’s
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