Rhonda Ernest Analysis

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There is an art to making people feel beautiful. I watch the artist in the mirror as she crafts her works of art. Her paintbrush is a hair straightener and her canvas is my head. I have known Rhonda Ernest for as long as I can remember. She reminds me about when my mom used to take me to her hair salon when I was a baby. Rhonda has a strict rule about no kids in her salon. She laughs and says, “Your mom would try to sneak you in the shop in a car seat. You were about five, when I said that girl is too big for that car seat. She needs to go!”
I don’t remember being trapped in a car seat, but I wouldn’t put it past my mom. She, like many of Rhonda’s clients, faithfully comes to Skin Deep Salon every week. Some women drive from as far as San Francisco
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The windows were barred and tinted, so a passerby could not see anything from the outside. The previous owner of the space had been assaulted and robbed, so Rhonda always kept the door locked. For years, Rhonda was the only employee at the salon. She would wash and style six to eight women’s hair every night.
As she trims my hair, she tells me that her workday usually around 12:00 pm, and she schedules her appointments about an hour apart. She explains that appointments often overlap because clients have to sit under the dryer for at least an
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She says, “I can look at any hairstyle and know how exactly the stylist created the look”. Rhonda has been styling hair for over thirty years. She became interested in cosmetology in high school after doing her friends’ hair, nails, and make-up for prom. After graduating from beauty school, she began styling hair in her garage. Since opening Skin Deep in 1996, she has moved to a much larger salon, where I interview her as she curls my hair.
Rhonda seems to know everyone in Sacramento. She is extremely outgoing and passionate, which can cause her to be hot tempered. Because Rhonda’s success is largely attributed to word of mouth, her clients are often referred by their friends and family. Today the regulars are close-knit group, who call themselves the ‘Wednesday Crew’. They go out to Chipotle and drink margaritas.
As a broke college student, I cannot afford to be a member of the Wednesday Crew. But once a month, I am reminded of why I drive from Davis to Skin Deep. Today, the crew is celebrating Rhonda’s client and friend Tania’s birthday with music, cake, and a bottle of wine. I realize that Skin Deep is special because it is a community, where women of various generation find common ground. Longtime client, Kela Richardson said, “After a long workday, I know…I will be greeted by an enthusiastic professional, a smile, a refreshing beverage, friendly faces, laughter, and great
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