Rhonda's Argumentative Essay

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The federal charges Devries face was credit card fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement. The crimes stated above carry 121 months in prison, restitution, and other charges. Everyone in the community wanted to max for each charge, however the suspect made a deal with the state federal prosecutor. Under the circumstances, the deal stood for Devries to serve 110 months in a federal state prison without a chance for parole. The prison’s sentence occurred to be lite from the sentence that was requested by law. Also, heavy fine to reimburse the bank for the money lost, but the suspect will be jailed for a long period of time. In order to see, the refund of the money the victim has to wait for Devires to return from prison and find employment to start to repay of the fund. Not to mention, Rhonda will serve an addition three years of supervised release once finish the jail’s sentence. The supervised release, wills consist of where an ankle bracket or residing in a halfway house, a place where former prison go after completing a prison’s sentence. Overall, the U.S. attorney and the criminal’s attorney on behalf of the suspect of the multiple offenses…show more content…
Malta’s and First Security Bank was dismantle and disbelief of the individual in charge of operation to commit a horrible act against the city and the work place. The punishment, for the crime, was handed down almost like a slap on the wrist meanwhile drawn the air out of the city. The system allowed the criminal to dictate the outcome, that was better for suspect and not allow the maximize punishment be handed down for the crime. The wrongdoing, of Devries, violate the criminal codes, also the ethic codes that the value of the individual who reside in the position of the high. Overall, opportunity and pressure, of the fraud triangle, portrayed the judgment on the bank officer that was involved with the
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