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Ric O'Barry had never planned to create an organization devoted to saving dolphins’ lives and well being. He had worked alongside one a dolphin for a very long time named Kathy on the hit show flipper. He had not realized how depressed the dolphins’ become while trainers and dolphins’ enthusiast keep the sea creatures in captivity. The push that became the shove for Ric O’Barry was Kathy committed suicide in his arms. A perfectly healthy dolphin consiciousiously stopped breathing. The many of people in Taiji have to pay the price for killing the dolphins’. The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos conveys a fair argument to put an end to the slaughtering in dolphins’ in the cove of Taiji, Japan and supports it with additional strong evidence. The documentary supports their argument well by providing the point of view of Taiji citizens, the health affects the dolphin meat has on everyone who eats it and includes the political war to end the…show more content…
Ric O’Barry conveys Mercury is the second most poisinist chemical in the entire world. The poison attacks, brain cells and the nervous systems, causing much damage to the body, possibly leading to dementia, lifelong brain damage, or death. Nevertheless the producers clearly share that dolphin meat is highly toxic and filled with mercury; the mercury could have jarring effects on many people's health including young children. During the documentary Ric O’Barry proves the small city of Taiji served mercury filled dolphin meat in their school lunches for children. Additionally Ric O’Barry video tapes and displays pictures of effects mercury can have. The documentary uses the fact that mercury causes diseases upon young children and adults, and if it were enough it could be fatal. Negative Health effects that mercury can have on humans is support that Ric O'Barry gives to strongly support reasoning against dolphin

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