Ricardo Melendez Analysis

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Ricardo Melendez is a peak performer because he has achieved many of his dreams and aspirations. Ricardo inspires lots of people because he never stops challenging himself. From having to leave his family and friends in Mexico to going to college in a whole new country with a very different culture, different language and still having to deal with what his future is going to be like. These facts and many more never seemed to have a negative effect on Ricardo because he never sees his failures as failures, Ricardo thinks that the best thing you can do is fail because if you fail you will learn and show everyone that you can be as good as others. He left part of his family members and old friends at the age of fifteen to pursue a better future in a new country. He moved to the United States even though he was born there, he had to adapt to the new American culture. He always thought that the U.S was not as different as Mexico but he was wrong. Mexico was the place he was raised in, the food, the cultures, the people and the language all of this formed a part of Ricardo 's life but he had to move on and leave those good…show more content…
Learning a new language is not that easy and he had to face that by being discriminated by people that were also Hispanic. For example, something that made Ricardo change as a person was the time where one of his teachers said a bad comment about Mexicans, basically saying that "Mexicans are not smart enough." Ricardo then realized that he needed to show them with facts that they were wrong. It took him years to finally defend himself from this negative people. That teacher that once complained about him ended up congratulating him for having excellent grades in her class, and those people who never tried to help him out, ended up trying to be friends with him. Challenging himself since those events made him grow as a smarter
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