Rice Cultivation In The Philippines

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Rice Cultivation in the Philippines
Emilyn C. Bao BSED-SS1, CE20
Prof. Sircio C. Chan, Capitol University
8 March, 2017

The purpose of this research is to know about the cultivation of rice in the Philippines from 1565 to 1898. The rice had many purpose in the last decades. In the Philippines, about 3200 B.C. they began the practice of rice cultivating. The ancient civilization had their ways of making rice delicacies, and also our ancestor’s fun of drinking wines made of rice. In December, after the mass, families gathered for the traditional Noche Buena, a feast that usually prepared of foods like letchon and some native (rice) delicacies like bibingka and biko. First of all the Philippines are abundant of crops in 16th century. The Philippines are economically blessed with the fertility of the soil and various crops. The principal food Crops are rice which grown primarily for domestic consumption 1 .The rice in the Philippines is a crop not only grown in lowland area but it also grown in higher areas which is known as Rice Terraces. Rice cultivation is so widespread, development of four distinct types of ecosystems has occurred. They are commonly referred to as irrigated, rain fed lowland, upland, and flood-prone agro ecological zones. Emma Helen Blair and James A, Robertson, who edited and annotated the 55 volume books of history The Philippine Islands, the description in volume 32, chapter XLIII. “They saw and learned from the Indians, they had much to say in
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