Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

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The book under review is Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich teach their kids about money that the Poor and Middle class do not! by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki is an American businessman, self-made multi-millionaire, and author who retired at the age of 47. Born in Hawaii, he now lives with his wife, Kim in the USA. The book revolves around personal finance and investing. He has challenged the traditional perceptions on money and wisdom. Must read if one is looking for inspiration and self-help.
Want to retire young and rich? There is a way, says bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki. The book focuses on how the rich and poor think differently about money and the ladder that ultimately leads to wealth even when you are broke. It consists of nine chapters, based on Robert’s upbringing and education, each emphasizing on how to gain control of your financial future. Set in the 1990s the book has since sold 26 million copies and become a household name.
Robert had two fathers: “a rich one and a poor one”. His biological father was highly educated but was struggling financially. Thus, poor. Rich Dad tells the story of young Robert 's apprenticeship under the father of his best friend, Mike, a savvy entrepreneur whose mantra was "I don 't work for money! Money works for me!" Robert chose to follow the principles of his rich dad after seeing his poor dad toil to save a few dollars. He reasons out why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The author clearly illustrates the
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