Rich For One Day Analysis

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In some sort of way, the younger generation dream becoming rich. They ponder more about their future than reality. In the short story “Rich for one day” by Suzanne Jacobs the main character, Aline, is unrealistic when it comes to money and her life; more specifically she imagines becoming rich, she becomes naïve and lacks social and relationship skills. Right from the beginning Aline imagines the near future. She fantasizes about “be[ing] very rich and … have a car [with] a chauffeur…”(259). Aline’s desire to be rich is so dominant that she tends to forget about the struggles and determanation it takes to become rich; such as working hard and saving the earnings that she has made. This shows that Aline is not prepared to achieve her future…show more content…
She believes that “[with] $ 8.00…”(257) she can do whatever she wishes. To early children and young teenagers it may seem that eight dollars is a lot of money. However, in Aline’s situation eight dollars is impossible to live off in the city. Living in the city requires a lot more than eight dollars, as people need to buy food, shelter, clothes and pay for transportation. Having eight dollars and living in the city does not benefit Aline at all as most items cost more than eight dollars. This shows that Aline does not know the city that well as she only has eight dollars. Also her “[do not] need anything”(259) attitude towards life is unrealistic, as Aline needs the basic needs on order to accomplish her goals. There is no doubt about it that Aline does in fact need things but she chooses not to say it. Of course Aline needs things; is she going to live off of just air? Aline needs to acknowledge that life is not easy; that everything in life is not going to be handed to her. There is no doubt that Aline knows the perks of living in the city. She thinks that eight dollars will do her well. By having no knowledge of the city this affects Aline’s communication
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