Rich Marshall In Chris Crutcher's Whale Talk

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Imagine if onee decision you made affected the rest of your life.Rich Marshall made a few questionable decisions. Those decisions had a big impact on the future. The impact those decisions had on Rich's life did not help it's physical or mental state of health.In the book, Whale Talk, by Chris Crutcher, unhealthy relationships dictated Rich Marshall’s future. The first unhealthy relationship Rich Marshall had was with TJ. When TJ was a freshman Rich did something that was very cruel and heartless. “I will forever remember the sensation of that animal going slack in my hold as the bullet went through its temple”(Crutcher,51). Rich Marshall had absolutely no regard for life. he proved it by murdering a deer in Cold Blood. that led to TJ…show more content…
Rich Marshall’s friend Mike Barbour learned from Rich's bad decisions and not in a good way. “I said no and he punched my arm again then he just kept saying it faster and faster and hitting me before I could answer”(Crutcher,193) Mike Barber abused his girlfriend for not doing what he wanted her to do. if it weren't for Rich Marshall Mike Barbour would not have learned to build unhealthy relationships with people just like Rich had. The final unhealthy relationship Rich created ended with a terrible outcome both for Rich and TJ Rich was seeking revenge on TJ's dad so he did something absolutely horrifying. “I glimpse the muzzle of the deer rifle, think it's pointed at Dad, and scream his name, but Rich levels the barrel on Heidi, the one person whose loss would touch us all most. Dad whirled at the sound of my voice, and instinctively dves directly into the path of the bullet. His body crashes to the pavement with a thud”(Crutcher, 287). Once again, Rich Marshall shows that he cares about nobody but himself. That unhealthy relationship led to Rich Marshall getting sentenced to jail for the rest of his life, with no possibility of parole. Rich Marshall had a bad influence on his friends and caused them to do cruel things, as shown by Mike Barbour. Rich Marshall also ended up suffering a major consequence for his unhealthy relationship with Mr.

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