Rich People Should Pay More Taxes Essay

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There are 12 million millionaires in the world and only 2,325 billionaires. These people control 40% of world wealth. Their is no doubt that they are very successful and extremely wealthy.

But my question is, just because they have more Should we tax the rich more? All citizens must pay taxes But there is a difference between those who can't afford to pay for taxes and those who are able to afford to pay for taxes.

I heard a saying once where it said equality isn't always fair. You see, it would be an equal thing for the rich to pay the same taxes as everyone else but it wouldn't be fair. Millionaires have enough money to pay off their expenses and still have the luxury to spend on anything they want, but in contrast to the lower income
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“Just as the healthy should give up their seats for the frail, so the rich should pay more taxes.”
If rich people pay higher in taxes their contribution would benefit society which means it would benefit them as well, most rich people are wealthy because of society right, so if they were to pay more in taxes and those taxes are used to help education health and help the poverty then more people would be able to use their services which would be bringing in more money for them.
According to business insider the rich can drop $850 on gold straws and $15,000 on shoelaces. They have money to spend ridiculous amount of money on simple things like straws and shoeless. Undoubtedly they are able to spend a little more to support the system.
The money that the rich people would be paying would go to social security health programs safety net programs defense and security, etc. If they would contribute to these programs, then the programs would help more people, but if they don't contribute to these programs, then it’s most likely that these programs are unable to help more people and more people are likely to stay in

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