Richard Arkwright: The Invention Of Hydropower

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Hydropower dates way back to two thousand years ago, the first culture recorded in history to find use of water other than drinking and sailing were the Greeks. They have created a water wheel as a method of using water to grind down wheat into flour. In the time of 202 B.C and 9 A.D, the Han Dynasty, water power was used to break ore and was used for paper-making. For over a thousand years no one has constructed a new use for water power. Until in 1712, Thomas Newcomen from england developed the first steam engine. It was the first engine to run on water. It’s first purpose was to pump water out of coal mines.

An Englishman by name of Richard Arkwright was one of many that made an impact on water power. In 1771, Arkwright improved a previous
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This helped civilized those regions. The biggest Hydropower plant at that time was located in Niagara Falls, New York. The owner named it the Edward Dean Adams Power Plant. He named it after the man that was head of the project when they built it. The plant was powered by Nikola Tesla’s method. It was commercialized to the people giving them electricity in their homes.

Many underdeveloped utilized hydropower to help civilize their region. Dams were also made throughout the world to help produce Hydroelectric Plants. It was used to reserve water to help irrigate areas that have trouble growing crops due to the dehydrated soil. Hydropower plants were categorized in the early to mid 1900’s by their size. This was done because it helped organize where different type of hydropower plants were going to be built based on the location.

Ten percent of the United States electricity comes from hydropower plants. Still many countries, including the United States, use polluted energy source. These energy sources are nuclear, coal, gas, and petroleum. Every country are able to use clean reliable energy such as hydroelectric, wind, and solar power. These three energy source are able to power the whole world if everyone depended on it. Instead polluted cheap energy source are being
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