How Did Richard Bennett Changed Canada

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There are countless leaders that changed Canada’s history in both good and bad ways. Some leaders and prime ministers are forgotten as history proceeds. Many tried shaping Canada’s history and changing its reputation. Canada had great leaders that made tremendous benefits to improve their country. However, a very kind man named Richard Bennett became a prime minister in the worse of Canada’s economics situation. Bennett was an interesting man to talk about and to study. Despite his reputation, I think that he should have more credit to what he did because he was the Prime Minister during the Great Depression. Richard Bedford Bennett, a Prime Minister that started out on 7 August, 1930, was not the finest leader in the history of Canada. Richard Bennett was a Canadian lawyer, business man, politician, and…show more content…
His deal “promised a more aggressive taxation system, a maximum work week, a minimum wage, closer regulation of working conditions, unemployment insurance, health and accidental insurance, a revised old-age pension, and agricultural support programs” This could have worked but it was a little too late. The next elections were soon and the people did not like him much at all. Therefore, in the elections of 1935, he lost to Mackenzie King of the Liberal (The Canadian Encyclopedia).
I think that Bennett was trying his best to fight against the Depression to help out his country. As mentioned before, he tried three methods to help Canada out of the depression. However, Richard Bennett was not a very effective leader for Canada because none of his decisions really helped Canada. He had many meetings with the British government to improve Canada, but nothing seemed to work. I think Bennett was a good person that tried helping his country in one of its worst times. Compared to other prime minister, I do not think he was the worst Prime Minister but he was also not the
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