Richard Dawkins And Carl Sagan's Article: Analytical Synthesis Of Enemies Of Reason

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Zafer Çavdar
ACWR 101 – 11 / Spring 2015
Essay B: Analytical Synthesis – Second (Conference) Draft
Analytical Synthesis of Enemies of Reason by Richard Dawkins and Carl Sagan’s article A British biologist Richard Dawkins has presented a documentary film, Enemies of Reason, in 2007 to disprove that pseudoscientific practices have reliable logic as well as science has. The documentary’s first part includes Dawkins’s investigations which aim to find out whether these practices have any scientific base or not. As Dawkins, a famous astrophysicist and astrobiologist Carl Sagan probes the reasons of increasing popularity of pseudoscience in his article “Does Truth Matter: Science, Pseudoscience, and Civilization”. Sagan points out the influence of the findings of modern science on pseudoscience and criticizes some proponents of religion and science. Both Dawkins and Sagan find pseudoscience as a threat and clarify the possible social results of not fighting with these fake practices. Although Dawkins and Sagan have lots of similar beliefs and rhetorical methods to communicate with us, they also differ in some points while analyzing superstitious behaviors and convincing us of their opinions. Superstitions and pseudoscientific practices have been the part of our lives for hundreds of years. A great number of people do not believe in these practices, however they do not consider superstitions harmful to themselves. Although lots of people do not regard these beliefs and
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