Richard Dawkins And John Lennox: Buried God

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Professors Richard Dawkins and John Lennox go head to head in a battle to match their superior intellect. The debate was titled “Has Science Buried God?” Lennox also announced his new book “Gods Undertaker”.
The John Lennox - Richard Dawkins Debate - 2015
Lennox is a popular Christian apologist and scientist who goes everywhere around the world to speak of the interface between science and religion. Also like Dawkins he pursued his lifetime career of science. But Lennox has arrived at different conclusions and understandings than Dawkins throughout his career. “It is the very nature of science that leads me to believe in God,” Lennox says. It is to believe that the obsessive study of science and the world, is the source that fuels him to move closer to God.
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By saying that if you were to drop a stone, and it falls to the ground. Logically and scientifically explained it would be because of gravity. And you would not say that it was being pushed down by a God, just because we do not understand it. In respect to evolution, Dawkins replied.

Dawkins replied to Lennox on his accusation that the principles of going from simple to complex is the belief of the atheist. By saying that if things were to go from simple to complex they would need explaining why.
Lennox says that it makes a lot more sense to believe, that there is an eternal Logos and that the universe and its laws is derivative including the human mind form the Logos, it makes perfectly sense. More sense than to accept that the universe is just a simple fact.
Dawkins replies that it makes a hell of a lot more sense to start with something simpler than to start with something more complex. And that it just makes a lot more sense than Lennox’s opinion.

Lennox asked Dawkins that if he were to pick up a book called the Gold Delusion, it is a fact that you can conclude that it comes from something else more complex namely a human
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