Richard Dawkins The God Delusion Of Religion

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The God Delusion supports the position that religion is exactly what the title says, a delusion. Through a group of arguments against god’s existence and by debunking typical theistic philosophy, Richard Dawkins determines that god does not exist and that religion is an emergent property of human intellectual evolution. These arguments range from scientific studies to philosophical arguments and reason.
Mr. Dawkins establishes the theist’s position by defining the God Hypothesis, which states, “there exists a superhuman, supernatural intelligence who deliberately designed and created the universe and everything in it, including us.” (page 31) And then systematically debunks this position by showing why this cannot be the case. Once he has
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Not only can you substitute any natural phenomenon with god, but there exists in nature an actual limit to infinite regression. For example, things cannot get smaller than the atom before they cease becoming what they were. Things cannot get continually larger before they become a black hole. There is an absolute “cold” that things cannot get colder from, and there is a point where excessive heat causes things to fly apart uncontrollably. Nature has these barriers to infinite regression all around us, if we only will pause to see…show more content…
We find, to the contrary of this idea, that all people generally have the same moral ideologies and have a similar response to moral dilemmas. This supports the idea that morality has sprouted from our social behaviors and has guided us as a species evolutionarily. Along these same lines it is shown that society’s morals are founded on social acceptance rather than from a religious source like the bible or the Quran. This is easily demonstrable by comparing the morals and actions of those found in the bible or Quran to the actions and feelings of the populace of the day. It is not difficult to see the contradictions.
Religion can cause actual harm and is a major topic of debate today. There exists a type of religious extremism that has become ubiquitous throughout the world. There are examples among every type of religion of extremists who try to impose their specific viewpoints on the rest of humanity. They range from ISIS and the Taliban to the KKK and Westboro Baptists. These extremists cause actual harm and spring from religious
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