Richard Doerflinger's Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion is one of the most argued topics for several different reasons, and while abortion kills a fetus to end a woman’s pregnancy, supporters of abortion say that abortion is beneficial to many women in society. One of the reasons why people argue about abortion is that in some perspectives, abortion is preserved by the United States Constitution, while other perspectives show that there is no connection between abortion and the Constitution. The impact of the Roe v. Wade supreme court case involving abortion resulted in the decision making process of women about having an abortion, though abortion was not considered to be a constitutional right by some people in the United States (Sullivan). In contrast to how abortion was not considered…show more content…
While it is true that abortion makes some women feel relieved, it is certainly not, as supporters claim, a right thing for women to practice since the feelings of other women get worse after having an abortion. An argument was made that because abortion helps protect women from harm, then it can be shown that there is a moral justification for abortion (Painter). However, an assertion was made that abortion harms the unborn fetus, making abortion not morally justified. People who practice abortion are at risk of being involved in a crime, making people feel bad about themselves for their evil act of abortion (Doerflinger). As a matter of fact, Richard M. Doerflinger expresses the view that in society, some people take human lives away, preventing others from practicing any human rights (Doerflinger). This shows how aborted babies are left out of experiencing life, and how abortion violates the unborn baby’s right to life. The fact that unborn babies are to see the world is reason enough for women to not practice abortion. Opponents advocate that humans are created with some genes that he or she brings with throughout his or her life. The right to life is essential to many people ( To add on to unborn babies to be able to see the world, the impact of abortion resulted in different religions to find abortion to be considered a sin. According to the Catholic Church, abortion is
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