Richard Fung

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The article, “Finding My penis,” by Richard Fung, is the piece I chose to respond to. The article is particularly geared towards the elements of power and submission, in the realm of the adult industry, as well as the how the United States boarder is regulated when it comes to sexuality. Fung, opens the article with the ways in which the both sexes asian, or orientals, are stereotyped. The women being seen as subservient, and there to serve the white man, while the asian man is seen as one of two things. First, The egghead, a non intelligent person or s doofus, which comes across as weak. Or, the asian man is portrayed as the Kung Fu master, which is portrayed as powerful, but this character is also desexualized by their love of all that is zen and holy. During the article, Fung references a few adult movies, that have the asian pornstar “Sum Yung Mahn” in them, and related them to the stereotypes that are given to the asian population. The first of which that is discussed is the film, “Below the Belt,” and let me just first say the guy who named that deserves an award at the adult film convention. One thing about this movie that is pointed out, is the lack of detail, and that they mixed various asian countries and cultures with the props used in the background and the form of marshall arts, further portraying the…show more content…
The article talks about a variety of laws that have been passed throughout the history of the United States, that all seemed aimed at protecting the nuclear family. The article explains how it was easier to get into the country is you were married and had a family. That is just one example of how those fitting a certain model are show favoritism by the laws being passed. The article goes into much greater depth for examples showing the unfair treatment of gay or non heterosexual
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