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Gacy was the living nightmare of America. From 1978 to 1994 Gacy terrorized the streets of Illinois committing murders. His case was never ending as he was always in and out of jail. His trial started on February 6, 1980, he was convicted for sexual assault and murder. In 1994 the judge and the jury ended this case with their final verdict. Although people viewed Gacy’s actions as unforgivable, he managed to bring closure to families by helping solve other murders. CONTEXT Despite Gacy’s troubling childhood he was able to be a role model in his community. According to Editors, during his early life his dad was an alcoholic,“ who would beat the children with a razor strap if they were perceived to have misbehaved.” Gacy’s inspiration to give back to his community came from his childhood and him not wanting others to suffer like he did. Moreover, Gacy would start his career as a construction contractor living in a small town located in Chicago, “he made himself known in his community for his political work and help to charitable causes” (Clarkprosecutor). Therefore, it was really easy for anyone to fall into his trap. He disguised himself by trying to be a leader. The admiration he received from his town would soon end once he committed his first felony. Gacy would spend…show more content…
In the courtroom, “Some of his employees told of his mood swings and how he would trick them into being handcuffed. Others told of how he constantly made passes at them while at work" (Clarkprosecutor). This revealed Gacy’s harsh temperament toward his workers. His inappropriate actions would eventually lead up to a more serious manner. Up next was Ringall, who “told the court the details of his rape. Ringall was so stressed that he began to vomit and cry hysterically” (Clark Prosecutor). Under the current laws at that time sexual assault was illegal. Even if Gacy was mentally ill as the plaintiff argued, he had broken the

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