Richard Glossip's Argument Against Capital Punishment

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Reading Commentary
My first source is an article from the Daily Mirror dated from the 31/08/15. The Mirror is a well known newspaper so I considered it to be a reliable source, however it is very biased. The writer uses large amounts of ‘emotive language’ and only comment on one point of view as they include no counter arguments due to the writers only regarding one side of the argument in attempt to persuade the reader to agree with their ideas prevent the reader from making their own.
This source is extremely relevant to my speech and has taught me about the case of Richard Glossip. It is very informative on the case regarding Richard Glossip, who is currently on death row, therefore making it a valuable source. It also for me confirmed by personal point of view which is that capital punishment is wrong and unreasonable. This article particularly talked about execution of the innocent and how we are all human. These are all relevant points that I have included inside my speech. I have also regarded the case of Richard Glossip as it supports my views
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Argument against Capital Punishment -This source is very factual as it provides relevant information: it also gives an insight into capital punishment. This source of information was extremely beneficial for my speech as contributed strong figures and statics which made this source stand out from the rest, it includes facts for example on the topic of innocence as it states ‘130 people sentenced to death have been found innocent since 1973’. It provides information for and against the penalty and also includes a varied amount of interesting points which I hadn’t previously known or thought about before such as ‘brutalising society’ where it had briefed me on the effect capital punishment has on the society for example the murder rates increase. I decided that this was relevant to my speech as it was I point I had not thought of before and was very original and enabled me to confirm my point of view
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