Richard Hakluyt: The Founding Of Jamestown

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• Richard Hakluyt was a propogander that kept the image of America still there and they worked to create permanent colonies in the New World. They failed many times then were able to create permanent settlements that were business enterprises. THE EARLY CHESAPEAKE • Money was main issue because of attempts to create Sagadahoc by Plymouth. But the London company headed to Virginia for a colonizing expedition. The Founding of Jamestown • On a 144 men journey, only 104 survived and reached coast of America by spring of 1607 and established Jamestown which was a bad site because it was low and swampy, not protective as they though it would be • Many died from malaria but they wasted time searching for gold and the food was a low priority which …show more content…

he created harsh discipline and decided to permit private ownership and cultivation for encouragement Tobacco • Tobacco from Spain was being used in Europe.. King James I didn’t want his people to use tobacco so he led attack known as Counterblasts to Tobacco • Tobacco became important to Jamestown’s economy and created expansion because it exhausted soil Expansion • The Virginia Company- Head right system was created to attract settlers- 50 acre grants of land which the new settlers would receive for joining and those living there received 100 acre grants, head right for himself and some created plantations, brought in wives • Negroes soon came and they thought of them as servants but still preferred European servants • Dale made assaults against Powhatan Indians and kidnapped the chief’s daughter. She converted to Christianity… and she died. Opechancanough became head of confederacy Exchanges of Agricultural Technology • English didn’t like Indians because English were too cocky about themselves, more technology, John Smith couldn’t find gold they blamed natives.. Jamestown survived from agricultural technology borrowed from British and created by Indians like corn value and

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