Analyzing Richard Harrison's 'With The Dying Of The Light'

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The Take Away from Words Poems are very unique from other types of writings. For one, a poem’s structure is very different and unique compared to an essay or story’s formatting. Poems are used to talk about experiences, express ideas or emotions, and imaginative thinking. Readers can make different connections and find their own different meanings in poems. Many poems, like the essayist’s Richard Harrison’s work, deeply explore universal ideas about death, love, grief, and the mystery of life. Many readers, like myself, can find connections with Harrison’s poems on such topics of life and loss and deeper meaning hidden in the poem. Not only could I make connections with some of Harrison’s poems, but I also made new understandings and realizations…show more content…
When I went to Harrison’s poem reading, Harrison shared that his father had introduced him to poetry and they shared this liking together. In this poem “With The Dying of the Light” (Harrison 9). I can see how poetry helped them bond even when his father was near death. It made me realize how precious time is and should be used to spend it with loved ones. Harrison also described his father’s physical appearance while he says the words that belong to the poem back to Harrison. I realized that were learn so much from other people during our time here on earth and it shapes us into who we are. For example my dad always liked animals, he lived on a ranch in Mexico, where he cared for his German Shepherds and cattle. My mom on the other hand did not like animals as much as my dad. My dad , in a way played a part to me liking animals, and even now my mom has taken a liking to animals to. I realized no matter what it is you share with someone, that allows you to bond, will have impact, small or great, within you or even leave a mark. For Harrison, if his father had never introduced poetry to him or even used it to bond, would he be who he is
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