Richard Jemmons Anticipated Troubles

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“Anticipated Troubles” In chapter three, I found it quite interesting to see that Richard Jemmons could and knew to anticipate a problem. He had “everybody slotted” (Anonymous, p. 75), which was also one of his gifted talents to the campaign. As Richard had predicted there is the first anticipated problem that has arrived with the Rob Quiston of the Associated Press’s questions on Jack Stanton being locked up at the “’Lock up your Daughter’s’ demonstration”. (Anonymous, p. 83) The campaign is at a high and there were now 20 in the “scorp zone” (media). (Anonymous, p. 85) Additionally, it was unexpected to see Henry Burton (aka narrator) start a relationship with Daisy Green, but refreshing to see her as such an important player in beating…show more content…
(Anonymous, p. 150) The campaign goes from California back to Boston after a half-hearted speech given to the “second class” rich of Hollywood. When Burton finally gets Stanton alone and submits the newest trouble to the Governor, it is not shocking to hear him ask who knows, how many others, and keep this quite. What I think surprised Henry was how insensitive Stanton really seemed when he stated, “what does he want”. (Anonymous, p. 149) Meeting Henry’s mom and step-dad’s characters will give you an insight as to why he is so stoned faced and able to contain his emotions. It does get my attention when Richard gets on a roll and my favorite quote in this chapter is when he states “America’s Most Fucked-Up Home Videos”. (Anonymous, p. 154) This chapter seems to resin more of we are going to win then loose then “maybe” win again. It is an emotional roller coaster for a reader that I cannot imagine being on a real campaign trail. It finally starts to take shape when he is in the cinder block union building for a funeral and he started to speak to the people about the people. It is as if Stanton finally figured out his true platform and how it is conveyed. The town started to rally around them after that and then when Bill Johnson showed up it seemed to have
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