Richard Kluger's Simple Justice

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The book “Simple Justice” that was written by Richard Kluger is one of the examples of the successful use of narrative with the scholar style of writing that is telling readers the story behind Brown v. Board of Education. It is needed to state that the book was firstly published in 1976 and at that period it was one of the most precise and detailed descriptions of the decision-making process of the Supreme Court in Brown. That is why, the work of Richard Kluger is so unique, he was able to tell readers the detailed story of the court and that was helpful in the learning of the history as well as in the understanding of the justice system. It is needed to state the fact that in the book Richard Kluger is pointing out on the fact of schools desegregation. He critiques the politics of the government that allowed the school…show more content…
Kluger described various lawsuit because he was sure that it would help readers to get the better understanding of the emerging of the civil rights movement in the U.S. (Lowe 127). Hence, Kluger wants his readers to get the clear understanding of the history because the American society has a rich history of the process of its development and progress. The author is sure that all the historical events that are described in the books played the vital role in the process of the establishment of the American society. To sum up, it is needed to state that “Simple Justice” is the book that is helping readers to understand the importance of freedom as well as equality in the life of the society. All the people are equal, and the government has to be interested in the promotion of the equality so that there should be no place for the race discrimination. The book shows readers the way of African-Americans fighting for their liberty; in such a way, Kluger encourages people to fight for their civil
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