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In these days the criminal world become more dangerous because of increasing crimes. There are many different types of crimes, such as murder, rape, violence, robbery and larceny. They have different kind of punishment that help us to protect from crime. Nevertheless, punishment do not stop the crime at all because crime depends on many factors, such as parenting style, environment and people around you. Today, I will be discussing about one interesting topic in criminal world. In the last class we were watching a video about Richard Kuklinski. It is interesting topic because it is about a crime, which was a major point an American criminal world. Did you hear about Richard Kuklinski? Richard Kuklinski changed the criminal world and the idea …show more content…

Kuklinski started his crimes when he was a young man before when he became a killer. He got a nickname “Iceman” for his method of freezing a victim to hide the time of death. Richard Kuklinski grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was born on April 11th in 1935 in the difficult family. His father, Stanley Kuklinski, was an alcoholic that often disparaged and insulted him. Richard’s mother, Anna McNally, was an Irish immigrant from Dublin. When Richard Kuklinski grew up, he was often abused by his parents, especially by his father. His mother, Anna McNally, also beat him with broom handles and other things. His parents believed that stern discipline should make of him a good man; however, they did not understand that he will be a …show more content…

People who can kill animals or people, they do not feel blame and fear of punishment. Kuklinski was raised in a family without love and respect that impact on his personality in the childhood. Sigmund Freud claimed that earlier childhood experiences affected personality development. Freud emphasizes three theory of personality, such as id, ego and superego, which established at the earlier childhood. The main point on these is about superego because superego develops as a preschool- age child learns the rules, customs, and expectations of society. In the case with Richard Kuklinski we can say that Kuklinski did not learn good behavioral characteristics from his parents that lead to think that he did not learn moral anxiety and feelings

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