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Carter Short
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Richard Kuklinski Richard Kuklinski is definitely a one of a kid human being. He has no remorse for anything. Through his whole childhood he was abused by his father and mother, as well as his brother. He was beating everyday by his father when he would come home from work. His mother would hit him with a broom stick just for the hell of it. She would just swing it and hit him anywhere on his body. He had the worst home life ever heard of. Richard killed dogs and cats as a young kid, he showed no remorse in the killing of the animals. As he grew up, a young kid, he started his life as crime. He started his killings as a young man. His first kill was in a bar playing pool. Someone disrespected him, that
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He explains his killings as strictly business. Some of them are debatable, but most of them are business. In my opinion he would not be classified as a serial killer. He just did a different kind of business that is illegal, but he had no remorse for his killings. He definitely knew exactly what he was doing, he did his killings to make a living for his family. He had a very nice family, his wife, his 2 daughters. He talks about a story when he had to go out and do some business the night before Christmas eve. He says that he went out on and had to take care of some business, he killed someone in his car and left him on a bridge. Then he went home to set up toys for his kids on Christmas. He did have some class, he wouldn’t kill women and…show more content…
He was younger than Richard, but shared some of the same qualities. They both killed people with no remorse, but his brother only killed one person. As with Richard it was the same for his brother, daily beatings by his father and mother that scared them for life. His brother grew up pretty crazy. One of the main differences was his brother was basically a serial killer. He had serial killer traits, but only killed one person. We can’t be for sure that he was going to be a serial killer, but all signs point to it. He murdered a little girl i think she was 14 years old. He raped her and then through her out a twelve story window. This shows his younger brother definitely could have been a serial killer. He had a lot of anger built up inside of him from his childhood. I feel like his brother killed that little girl because he had hatred towards women especially because of the constant non-stop beatings from his

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