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Kyle Means
Criminal Justice 3
23 October 2017 Richard Kuklinski Paper
Richard Kuklinski was a special case: he wasn’t a regular serial killer and didn’t get satisfaction from killing. Instead he thought nothing of it and considered it a way to make a living. He was “stone cold” and showed no mercy to anyone other than his family. This showed that he wasn’t a psychopath, because he actually showed some emotion for people. Serial killers typically kill because they have a dark twisted fantasy to do so. Such as Jeffrey Dahmer, he was born with sick, dark, twisted images of killing men and having sex with their bodies after. But that’s not the reason for Kuklinski. He saw it as a way to make money and support his family. He …show more content…

He grew up hating his parents and showed no sympathy when they died. He didn’t attend either of their funerals and thought that his dad deserved to die. He did think however, that his mom was trapped and upset with herself that the dad was so abusive. He stated that his dad would come home from work and just beat him up for no reason. This led him to feel nothing for anyone and started killing and torturing pets just to past time. He said that he’d tie two cats’ tails together, hang them up, and let them go after each other. At school it wasn’t any better for him. Bullies would beat the crap out of him, and then when he got home his dad would. So after getting beat up constantly he decided that he was done with people beating him up. One day at a bar a guy really pissed him off. The guy wanted to fight and Kuklinski decided that he was going to be the punisher. He took a cue stick and beat the man to death with it. That was his first ever kill. From that point on he discovered how good he was at killing …show more content…

He was just as twisted as Kuklinski if not more so. Although the body count tallied was no where near Richard’s; his was a lot more dark, morbid, and twisted. Richard has two rules: he won’t kill a kid or a women. Joseph raped and murdered a twelve year old girl. He also tried to kill the family dog by throwing it off the top of the building. The dog survived however, and alerted people of the twelve year old’s body. He was then arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Eventually Richard would be in the same jail as his brother. They also both died in that jail. Richard said that hey occasionally pass each other and say hi. While Kuklinski wasn’t technically a serial killer, I do believe that Joseph would’ve become one. He was very twisted and dark and killed for a different reason than Richard. Joseph killed for pleasure and wanted to do it ,whereas, Richard killed because he was good at it and did it for

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