Richard Lederer's Essay: The Use Of Big Words

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Do you feel is necessary to repeatedly use big words when it comes to writing essays? In my opinion, the use of big words should not be used as often because short words are simple and understandable. In the reading, The Case for Short Words, the author makes it clear that big words are as good as small words. I agree with Richard Lederer because we have always been told to improve our vocabulary in our papers, but short words are more helpful and is easier. The reading make me think of my writing, I always struggle with the use of large words, which is why I only stick with useful words. Like Richard mentioned, “When you speak and write, there is no law that says you have to use big words.” ( paragraph 1) In spite of, the use of small words, it also make me acknowledge and accept the truth that…show more content…
He made it clearly that sometimes big words are not good enough, even though you may think is a good way to sound more sophisticated.“Big words at times seem strange to the eye and the ear and the mind and the heart.” (paragraph 2) In this case, the reading brought memories, which is from all the times I have written essays throughout my school education. I have always struggle to develop my vocabulary, but at times I will use big words. “Small words are the ones we seem to have known from the time we were born.” (paragraph 2) After all, “The Case for Short Words” is a great exemplification essay that explain how important small words are such as big words. There is no need to be more specific when a simple word can explain a detail well. We have always known the basic words and there is no punishment if you end up not using more precise words. The reading did not made me change the way I think of the use of big words because Richard explained it in a way where is it not necessary to use them and I agreed to everything he
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