Richard Lewis When Culture Collide

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Culture Collide This article writes about a British world traveler, Richard Lewis, who explains every culture in the world. His book " When Cultures Collide" is called "an authoritative roadman to navigating the world 's economy". How to treat different culture collide becomes a new topic. In his book, Lewis plots countries in relation to three categories: Linear-actives,Multi-actives and reactives. Moreover, he plots the world 's cultures on a chart and makes a lot of analysis.The following is three categories. The first categories of book 's three categories: Linear-actives. They tend to be highly organized planners who pursue action chains by doing one thing at a time. They like thinking directly and sticks to facts. The second is Multi-actives,who are talkative and attach importance to communicating. Their time schedules are more flexible.Social relationship is a necessary part for them. The last is reatives一those listen others saying carefully. They will start again if doesn 't work well at a…show more content…
Lewis is a talented andwell-qualified people. His analysis aim at leting readers understand how to interact with people from different cultures. For those readers, Lewis 's book provide them much coaching and consultation. From this article, we learn about that Lewis 's book achieve great success. Plenty of people get to know different cultures which they want to deeply know. There is no denying that this book introduce many countries ' local culture and offer references for those travelers. Lewis says they can foresee and calculate with a surprising degree of accuracy how others will react to our plans for them,and make certain assumption as to how they will approach them. That is one of my favorite point in this book. According to readers ' reactions, Lewis can get more useful feedbacks to improve his
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