Richard Loeb And Nathan Leopold: A Case Study

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Yesterday, on May 31st, 1924, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, Jr. confessed to the murder and kidnapping of 14-year-old Bobby Franks for ransom money and the thrill of the experience. Bobby was first abducted when walking home from school north on Ellis Avenue and he was found dead the next morning. When walking he saw his cousin Richard driving passed who offered him a ride home and to talk about his tennis racket as the Frank’s family loved Tennis. The cause of death was suffocation despite having head trauma after receiving multiple blows with a chisel, causing a large gash to form on the back of his skull. Though he did not die immediately, Bobby did end up dying on the way over to the drop site. He was thrown in the back of the car with a cloth shoved down his throat and with a rug placed on top to cover him. His body was stripped naked and dumped in a marsh culvert in Wolf Lake, south of Chicago. The partners later sent a ransom letter to the Franks family after returning to the city and they would have gotten away with the whole crime if it were not for Leopold dropping his glasses at the site. Both Richard Loeb…show more content…
will be given the death penalty and be sent to the gallows to be hung for their crimes. This case of such brutality is one that will be remembered for many years in Cook County and will never be
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