Richard M. Donovan's Paddling The Wild Neches

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Richard M. Donovan wrote the book “paddling the Wild Neches”. Once the story is fully read, the realization of what a human will do in order to keep an important place that values so much, it is magnificent. Richard was 66 years old during his 200 mile canoeing expedition, he did not think that he was going to make it happen. However, he accomplished what he felt he needed to do so he can open minds about a place that needs their help. He captured what was hidden in the river and wanted to tell his story about it. Richard wrote about every little thing he saw, touched, heard around him while he was on the trip. The Neches River was not just a river to him, it was a home to animals and people that carried history within itself. In the book of “Paddling the Wild Neches” it…show more content…
He thought by taking the challenge he could change the way people thought about an old river and actually knowing the history behind it all. However, the Neches River has been known for multiple long years now. Throughout those years, a lot has happened inside the Neches river. Such as, hardwoods being cut down multiple times, damaging shelters for birds, squirrels and many other animals that lived off of those trees. Many types of the similar trees have been cut down by lumber companies and wiping out important types of trees. Poaching throughout the Neches river was a big problem too, wiping almost a whole deer species out. In different years many good and bad things happened in the Neches river that shapes it up today. Richard wanted to tell every bit of history that Neches River posses and how it all happened the way it did. As much as why it all happened as well. As far as the book “Paddling the Wild Neches” goes it tells a story but it also makes a case. “Paddling the Wild Neches” tells a story about a river that has been around since the very first indians were here. Letting the readers know stories how indians benefited from the river and how many

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