Richard M. Nixon Summary

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Richard M. Nixon, by Betsy Ochester, tells the start of one of the most remarkable people ever born. Richard Milhous Nixon was born on the day of January 9, 1913 in the city of Yorba Linda, California. As a child, he faced many hardships, including the death of two of his brothers, but little did he know great things were soon to come. As Nixon matured and grew older, he studied law and dreamt of soon working for a body of government. His hard work and dedication eventually paid off and he became one of the most astonishing presidents America has had. By reading this story, those of a younger audience are influenced by the actions of Richard. If others were to learn about Richard Nixon, they would understand that persistence played an important role in his life. From when he was a child to the accusation of the Watergate Scandal, Nixon always worked to his limit to become the best version of himself and to achieve the position he was in. Nevertheless, due to the Watergate Scandal, many lost trust in Nixon but he continued to portray himself as innocent. However, it was true that Nixon hid the tapes in order to cover up his plans behind breaking into the office of another government official. Thus, he was either given the choice to hand over the tapes or face impeachment. Instead, he decided to resign due to…show more content…
Many times throughout the story, the author praises Richard’s actions and his wise decisions. “Yet as the shock of Watergate recedes into the past, historians have recalled all his achievements and continued to view him as one of the most meaningful presidents of that time.” As the author gives the tone of high regards, the audience is given the impression of how Nixon was an inspiration to many. Overall, Nixon made many mistakes along his life, but he always did his duties of putting the country first and achieved new ways for America to
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