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Richard Marcinko full name Richard “Dick” Marcinko is an ex US Naval officer. He is famously the first commanding officer of Red Cell and SEAL Team Six, veteran of the Vietnam War, and NAVY SEAL commander. After serving many years in the US Navy he retired to become a motivational speaker, military consultant, radio talk show host and author. Richard Marcinko is best known for the long running Rogue Warrior series of novels that he has been writing since 1992. The first novel of the series was Rogue Warrior which proved so popular that he followed it up with nearly twenty more titles in the still ongoing series. BEST RICHARD MARCINKO BOOKS: Richard Marcinko writes dome of the most appreciated war fiction novels. Some of his most popular novels include:…show more content…
It is a take no prisoners operation that leaves no clue who was responsible. But one the team lands, Marcinko makes a shocking discovery – the ship is full of American made state of the art control and command equipment. He cannot destroy the equipment with the knowledge he has without consulting his superiors at DOD. But the officials in Washington are full of double deals and doublespeak except for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Tom Crocker. Crocker lets loose SEAL Force Alpha a Pentagon based unit to support Marcinko and his SEALs of War to fight and neutralize a tangled mess of betrayal and corruption and political deceit that has roots right in the United States. The Chinese believe they are winning given their five millennia of military strategy, and a mole in the White House that has kept them informed of developments. But even with Sun Tzu and a traitor giving them the best of advice and information, they could not do anything to prepare themselves for the battering ram that is the SEAL teams of Marcinko and SEAL Force

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