Richard Miles: Eyewitness Testimony

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Richard miles was wrongfully convicted of murder and attempted murder in 1995 based on eyewitness testimony, false or misleading forensic evidence and official misconduct. The evidence presented at his trial that is useful for this particular research paper is the eyewitness testimony. Thurman the witness in this case identified Miles as the gunman from a photospread that police had given him. Several other witnesses were shown the same photospread but could not identify Miles. Miles was charged with murder and attempted murder. During his trial the prosecution relied primarily on Thurman, who identified Miles in the courtroom. Miles did have two alibis but the prosecution argued that they were concocted. Miles was convicted of murder and attempted murder and was sentenced to 60 years. After his appeals were denied time after time Miles was finally exonerated after spending 15 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. (, 2017)(Richard Miles) Johnny Pinchback who was also…show more content…
Also people are better at recognizing suspects who are members of their own racial group.” (Taylor, 1982) There are a lot of reasons as to why in actual person is wrongfully convicted in the United States Criminal Justice System. This research paper will review eyewitness misidentification and why it is so big in wrongful convictions. It will also look at some feasible remedies and coherent changes that could reduce the conviction rate of people who are actually
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