Richard Miller's Essay 'The Dark Night Of The Soul'

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The literate arts have been an integral aspect of human civilization throughout history. In Richard Miller’s essay “The Dark Night of the Soul”, he poses the question, “What are the literate arts really good for?” He admits that gathering information is a clear value of the literate arts, but throughout the essay he portrays a doubtful view of their value in today’s society. Although, he brought up some interesting points, his doubts stands in contrast to the literate arts’ true role in society today. As a student, I too feel it is important to fully understand the important connections that are told within a piece of literature. Miller states in his writing that, “If you’re in the business of teaching others how to read and write with care, there’s…show more content…
The purpose would be to understand the reasoning and pain through the people who have caused these certain tragedies within the world. The literate arts serves as a total escape from reality. Miller points out that there is always hope for higher education and that hope can be made by confronting our desolate world.

“The practice of the humanities . . . is not about admiration or greatness or appreciation or depth of knowledge or scholarly achievement; it’s about the movement between worlds, arms out, balancing; it’s about making the connections that count” (Miller 198). Another value of the literate arts is their power to connect people. For many people, their social life is the aspect they most enjoy. Students need to have the ability to make connections on their own. One of the most practical functions of the literate arts is the jobs they provide. The literate arts present limitless opportunity for those who create them and benefit from them. In a school education system, it is said to believe that reading and writing are the founders of a student but knowledge is a student’s foundation. We rarely have writers such as Rodriguez and Miller who analyze and question the
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