Richard Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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It seems that there are three main points in this section, including The Watergate Scandal, escalating the Vietnam War and the slight rise and huge fall of us return. During the election of 1968, the republican party felt as if they had no choose but let Richard Nixon return and try again as president. Nixon made a huge promise to end the Vietnam war so he was elected as the president again. Nixon started off with two positives which were the Woodstock festival did not turn into a bloodbath and the celebration of the first man on the moon. I found it very funny how Nixon thought it was best to escalated the war instead of making it smaller. That made the situation worse and as time went by the next election was coming up and Nixon knew he had to end it in order to get reelected. I never knew that he came up with in 1972 Nixon came up with a peace treaty stating that if they respected the South side of Vietnam then the war was over. In 1972, the Watergate scandal broke out and was a political scandal that occurred in the U.S. as a result of the break-in the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Nixon tired everything in the book to keep his name out of the situation but couldn’t do it for long once it came up that there were tapes.
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