Richard Nixon Corrupt Or Innocent?

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Nixon Corrupt or Innocent? Who is Richard Nixon? Nixon came from a hardworking family. His own family described Nixon as stiff and apprehensive young boy and was not very liked amongst his peers. He was someone you couldn’t hug. Even though he didn’t have the best personality Nixon decided to strive in his education and eventually became a lawyer. He got married and opened up his own practice. After some time Nixon served in the military and decided to be in politics. In 1972 he became the 37th president of the United State of America. Some might argue that Nixon’s presidency might only be remembered by the Watergate scandal while others remember him for ending Vietnam War. As time has gone by many people have written articles and books…show more content…
In the beginning of Ambrose’s article he opens up writing how unimportant Nixon was as president and how no one will remember him years from now but he also says Nixon was a very intelligent person and was able to get out of any problems he faced. When it came to pulling back the troops from Vietnam he didn’t do it immediately and sent the troops to a different area before he started to pull them out. The people against him stated that he lied about ending war immediately when he entered office while other agreed to the success of ending drafts and ending the war even if it took time to do it. Even though Nixon was against communism he decided to open the door to the Soviet and come up with a policy to control arms. This was something big because it had never happened before. People on both sides argued how he had a changed in the way he thought and he stated that time changes and so do people and their ideas. His first term as president wasn’t a success. He did things to try a gain control of the situation he was undergoing. He started to place wiretaps on people he felt were out to get him. During the 1972 reelection is when things really went downhill for Mr. Nixon. The Watergate scandal broke loose. It was said that people who were sent by the president were breaking into the Democratic committee building to place wiretaps and gain information. Nixon said he was not part of it, but then he tried to cover up making him a suspect. John Dean turned on him and said that the phones in the Oval office had evidence in them that would make Nixon guilty. Later, Nixon had to give up those tapes, which after they reviewed them they found out Dean was telling the truth. On Aug 9, 1974 Nixon resigned and later when Ford was president he gave Nixon full pardon and freedom from all his crimes. Lastly, the author said Nixon would be known for all the great things de did and how interesting of a president

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