Richard Nixon Informative Speech

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Richard Nixon was walking straight outta Compton on October 31, 1969 going around dressed up as JFK. He was walking around with all his silver dollar pancakes trying to get rides from people to get back to Washington, D.C. to deliver a speech. The only problem was that his silver dollar pancake mix was not currency until it was a solid. So somehow, some way he had to make it go from liquid to gas. Or make his candy burn to make his Walmart silver dollar pancake mix legal currency, or burn this trash that he found trying to sell, so he tried to get it to change colors. Suddenly, future president Obama showed up and asked him a really scientific question to get a ride to get back to D.C. His question was what are all the physical changes that water can go through? Richard Nixon knew this question because he had went to a science college. He answered, “Solid to liquid, liquid to gas, solid to gas, gas to solid, gas to liquid and liquid to solid.” Obama said he was correct, so he got in their 1969 Ferrari.…show more content…
He saw fresh milk souring right in front of his eyes. Richard got really hungry, so he went to this restaurant called Waffle House to have some late night waffles. When he got there he saw some bread rising. When he got to the red house, he went to the top of the building to get a suntan with his ex wife, Pat Nixon. Now he has a girlfriend called Bon'Quisha DeShawn Dolla Dolla
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