Richard Nixon Watergate Scandal

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The Watergate Scandal and Impeachment of Richard Nixon

Scandals throughout history have had an increased effect on our society. Thousands of people have been caught in their own. Scandals can most accurately be described as a situation or issue that causes great public outrage or interest. It is mostly that of one that is illegal or wrong by moral standards. One of the most well known scandals, is the Watergate scandal, which affected dozens of Americans. Watergate, is in reference to the Watergate hotel, which is one of the most well-known, ornate hotels in the Washington D.C. area. The scandal lasted a total of two years, occurring between 1972-1974, and caused the impeachment of the incumbent president. (, 2013)[1] This
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This statement disputes Richard Nixon’s prior involvement or knowledge in the situation. Following up, many issues come before the Senate Watergate Committee. Most of the cases presented during the committee were of no interest. Until, John Dean, White House Council, begins stating allegations about the Watergate scandal being covered up personally by President Richard Nixon. He released a statement in which he claimed that the coverup had been discussed over 30 times. (, n.d.)[4] Richard Nixon denies all allegations, but John Dean stands by his claims. He continued to make his claims, stating that Nixon should testify on the subject. Richard Nixon, on the other hand, refuses, claiming executive privilege and a right to the fifth…show more content…
The House of Representatives discuss and vote on the Watergate issue and if it results in grounds for the impeachment of President Nixon. They get affirmative votes, so they open an investigation in the matter. Meanwhile, another subpoena is issued for all 94 remaining White House tapes, which, Nixon again refuses to show. (, n.d)[5] Following all of the build up and events that occurred in the three years of conspiracies, the impeachment process begins, and Richard Nixon officially resigns from office. He gives a one sentence statement of resignation, and becomes the first president to resign from being President of the United States. Nixon gives a resignation speech in which he states, “I have always tried to do what was best for the Nation.” {PBS, 1974)[6] After his resignation, the nation was somewhat divided. The presidency was handed over to Gerald Ford, who was serving as the Vice President. People who believed that that Richard Nixon was innocent for the crimes presented found it very peculiar that he would resign as president for a crime that he did not commit. After the impeachment, all of the White House tapes were released to the court, and it was obvious that Richard Nixon was involved in more than everyone had
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