Richard Nixon's Drug Enforcement Committee (DEA)

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Richard Nixon implemented the Drug Enforcement Committee also known as the DEA in 1973, to combat the transport and trafficking of drugs and to enforce drug control. Seven divisions in the organization report to the administrator, and they all work in harmony to fight the drug trade. A big problem the DEA is currently facing is the escape of notorious drug lord, Joaquin Guzmán, also known as “El Chapo.” El Chapo is the famed leader of the Sinaola cartel, which his uncle was Pedro Avilés Pérez pioneered. He is the most wanted man in Mexico and the DEA is currently offering a reward of five million USD for information leading to his arrest. Being a leading official in the inspection division, I encourage the DEA to study the ways El Chapo has…show more content…
The main job of the inspection division is, “to ensure that the safety of the general public is maintained”, and extraditing him to the US is the only way to guarantee him from not escaping and the safety of the US. Even with these high security prisons, El Chapo has found ways to work around them and bribe police officers and officials. In a recent study, “Of the more than 1,000 Mexicans who responded to a 2013 survey from Transparency International, 90% said police were corrupt or extremely corrupt, and 80% felt the same way about the country 's judiciary.” This shows that the officials in Mexico are easily swayed and we cannot trust those overseeing El Chapo’s sentence. His cartel is the biggest supplier of heroin and cocaine in the US, and is convicted of federal trafficking and organized crime; therefore he can be legally tried and imprisoned in the United States. A Mexican official court said that if he were caught again, he would be extradited to the US. His incarceration in the US would be the best option to ensure he stays imprisoned and the welfare of the people is…show more content…
There is only one legal gun store in Mexico, and owning a gun is a lengthy process and is tightly regulated. People in the US will buy guns on behalf of others who have strong ties in drug trafficking. These guns are used to kill Americans and Mexicans alike. It is my proposition with the cooperation of American border control, that we inflict stricter searches at the Mexican border for guns. The US foreign affairs committee approved a bill that gave 73.5 million dollars to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to stop this illegal smuggling. I think we need to allot more of our budget to having more agents out in the field stopping and arresting those involved in gun trafficking. Without guns, the drug lords are defenseless and less harm is caused to the people of Mexico who are caught in the crossfires of the drug war, and this helps the common
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