Richard Pearcey's Repairing Total Truth

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Total truth talks about how the secular world has pushed aside Christian views and those that support them are being told to hide that side of themselves. Christians have come to understand that there has to be two sides to them in how they live their lives. One is their work persona and two their church persona. The author goes on to say that they as Christians should break out of this grid that people have created for them so that they can truly live a Christian life every day for every walk of life. Pearcey talks about how Christians should be able to freely serve God. To serve freely people have to live the way God wants them to and that includes serving him through every fiber of their life which includes their daily jobs. Religion hasn’t always been pushed aside and many countries around the world view religion as one of the major factors of how people…show more content…
But for Christians it isn’t about turning everyone into Christians but giving people a choice to hear other worldviews. In whole the purpose of the book is to help Christians free their faith from what others have deemed inappropriate for certain areas of life. That Christians need to take a stance to say that we will not sit aside and let others tell us what to do but to show others that what the truth of God is and how knowing God can change your life and your life outlook. In Repairing the Ruins Pearcey talks about how Christian education is important to show students how to repair the world. Education is used for students to seek out answers to world questions of what is happening around them. Without having the Christian knowledge how can they have an compete look at the world and what is happening. They don’t have all the answers needed to make informed decisions in life. Pearcey talks how our creation, our fall, and how we need to redeem ourselves are universal God’s
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