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When Patrick and Mary Cushing had their baby boy Richard on the 24th day of August in 1895, the Irish Immigrants probably didn’t expect him to become a difference maker in the Roman Catholic Church. They especially didn’t expect their baby boy to officiate the marriage of the future president of the United States. The Cushing family who once lived in Ireland soon moved their lives and lived in the South Side of Boston. In their family of seven, it was found common to attend grammar school as well as high school. However, the only family member to drop out of high school was Richard. Richard dropped out due to compulsive truancy. He expressed great interest in the Catholic Church. His cousin who was the Priest of The Archdiocese of New York saw Richard’s great interest, so he paid for Richards’s tuition to attend Boston College High School. It was a Jesuit college preparatory school, Jesuit is also known as Society…show more content…
One of the biggest issues he had to deal with was the excommunication of Fr. Leonard Feeney. The excommunication was due to his false interpretation of the Catholic doctrine. He was informing people there was no salvation outside the Church. Feeney stuck his ground on the matter for a while but eventually died. However, before his death he reportedly reconciled with the church. This influenced the Catholic community by sticking with the doctrine they have used for many years. Then after the death of Pius XII, Cushing published his only book in 1959. He depicted the late pope as the “Pope of Peace”. This work contributed to showing the world what mercy people should show on each other by giving. Pius XII gave back to the world by working hard in order to sustain peace throughout World War 2. This made a huge impact because many Christians blamed the Jews that were getting murdered for the death of Jesus. This is also where Cardinal Cushing took a very big

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