Richard Rodriguez: An Illegal Immigrant

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Overcoming the impossible, this scholarship boy moved into the United States as an illegal immigrant with not a sense of English. Learning a whole new language and reading in English by the fourth grade, Richard Rodriguez is a scholarship boy who has accomplished the American dream. Richard Rodriguez moved into the U.S. as an illegal immigrant with his family from Mexico. Moving into San Francisco, California, he only spoke Spanish until the age of six. Richard received a bachelor 's degree from Stanford University, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and is studying at the University of California, Berkeley for a PhD. Richard is also attending the Warburg Institute in London on a Fulbright fellowship. Instead of Richard pursuing his career in academia, he became a journalist. (Ch.1 Habits of mind of academic writers). During Richard’s early years of life, he was struggling with socialization and getting the learning experience he procured, due to the language barrier Richard wanted to overcome all the obstacles as an illegal immigrant and he…show more content…
In conclusion, Richard probably never regrets not one decision he made as the self proclaimed millionaire he is. His parents are probably very proud of him with all of his accomplishments and do not regret, not neglecting his disobedience. This article is a great example of the American dream, at a young age, you should always try to push your kids towards success, whether it’s getting them to do the higher class up in math or even having them volunteer at the local pet store. You should do anything to get them to learn good habits and get them to think school is quote unquote ‘cool‘, a lot of kids get bad grades on purpose due to them not caring or they think it’s ‘cool’. Putting your kids in a private school is a huge advantage because the teachers are hands on and like their jobs and most of the kids who are in there, are there to learn. The American dream,
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