Richard Rodriguez On The Importance Of Education

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it 's ability to climb a tree, it will live it 's whole life believing it is stupid.’’- Albert Einstein. Many people put themselves down due to other people comparing them to “better” people, but each person is the best in their own way.Every author we’ve discussed has had a similar upcoming and thinking about education. Mark Mathabane, Richard Rodriguez, and Malcolm X they all thought education was dumb and didn 't have any value. In the end thought it helped them succeed. Richard Rodriguez grew up thinking education was really just a chore, “For both my parents, however, reading was something done out of necessity and as quickly as possible”, just something to do when you needed it. He didn 't think it was something to do just for fun. Rodriguez actually thought that reading was really impersonal and really hard toned. He didn 't like isolated it felt reading. That all changed when he entered school and he found it really hard to read by himself so an old nun made him stay after school and they both talked his problems about why he couldn 't read. Day by day he found the joy in reading and it 's really when you invest yourself. He now is a famous writer and has succeed very much in life all this due to school.…show more content…
I feel as if reading and writing is not as important as it was back in the day. 10 years we would have to look in the dictionary and know how to read to find the stuff we are looking for. Nowadays, your phone, tablet, or computer can you read you everything you need to know. You can talk to your phone and it can type out whatever you are writing or texting. Back in the day, reading and writing was the thing to know, now people are trying really hard to keep it alive. It 's not that important. Now, we might even have our robots that do our stuff for us so technology is getting really advanced. We don 't even need to send letters anymore because the technology can
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