Richard Speck Research Paper

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I chose richard speck as my serial killer, i will write an essay explaining his life and the crime he committed The serial killer i chose is Richard Speck. Richard Benjamin Speck was born on December 6, 1941, in Kirkwood, Illinois, into a large, religious family, where he was the seventh of eight children. After his father’s death richard was just 6 years old, his mother remarried, and moved to Dallas Texas. He and his brothers suffered horrible abuse from their drunken stepfather.In November 1962, Speck married Shirley Malone, had a daughter, Bobby Lynn. Speck was sent to jail, for theft and check fraud, in 1963. After getting out of jail only 4 months after he was sent again for aggravated assault. His wife filed for a divorce on January 1966, he then fled to chicago. For a while he stayed out of trouble until, one day a 65 year old lady was raped and robbed in her own home on April 2, 1966, and on April 13 a barmaid in his local tavern, Mary Kay Pierce, was brutally beaten to death. He managed to deflect police questioning and escape once again. Later, they started recognizing, that every where speck would go dead bodies will appear,it was kinda like a trail. Michigan…show more content…
When he arrived at the hospital, once again his tattoo gave him away, he was arrested, but was in serious need of surgery to repair his severed artery, as the surgery was going on he was being watched by dozens of policemen, making sure he wouldn’t try to escape once again. Richards trial began on April 3, 1967, he claimed he didn’t do anything but Amurao gave every detail that happened that night.The trial lasted just 12 days and, on April 15, 1967, the jury found Speck guilty of all eight murders. In less than an hour the judge sentence Speck to death. In 1972, Speck 's death sentence was of 50 to 100 years in prison, serving only 19 years of that sentence, he died of a heart attack on December 5,
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