Richard Trenton Chase

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Richard Trenton Chase was a male American serial killer, born on May 23, 1950. He was born in Santa Clara, California. During his adolescence he showed various signs of being a psychopath, and he had troubling years in his social life as well as in his household. He grew up with both parents, but his household was very abusive, he was often in the middle of discussions between his parents. In high school he attempted to be in a relationship but he was sexually impotent, as a result he distanced himself and became an outsider. After experimenting with blood from animals, he worried his family and they institutionalized him in a mental facility. He later was moved to an institution for the criminally insane, where he developed his drive…show more content…
In addition another of Chase’s motives was to obtain his victim’s blood and organs which he would later feast on. Since Chase couldn’t perform in sexual actions with any women, he raped the dead corpse of his female victims: Teresa Wallin, and Evelyn Miroth. After the mass murder in the Miroth household, and the release of the FBI profile, Nancy Holden, one of Chase’s high school classmates called in the police and directed them towards Richard Chase as a suspect. Later Chase was investigated and similarities between the profile and Chase’s life were uncanny, so the police decided to question him however he refused. The police officers waited in the hallway till Chase decided to leave his apartment on January 27, 1978 and once he opened the door, carrying a blooddrenched box, he was arrested. All the blood the police officers noticed on his shoes and jacket was reason enough to take him into custody, once the investigators analyzed Chase’s apartment they acquired a lot of convicting evidence like: a bloody blender,. 22 caliber pistol, along with lots of internal organs from some of his previous victims and to make matters worse Meredith’s wallet was found on Chase’s person; that resulted in Chase being charged with six accounts of first degree murder. In 1979, Chase’s trial began and the defense tried to elude the death penalty by pleading guilty to second degree murder and presenting Chase’s history of mental illness as a primary motive to his murders. However on May 8th ,the jury found Chase guilty of six first degree murders and was sentenced to the life penalty in the gas chamber. Once entering the San Quentin Penitentiary, in California Chase was a feared presence because of the way he vividly described the
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