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Richard Trenton Chase had a very disturbing early life. Because he was exposed to such terrible behavior, it caused him to have an even more gruesome adolescence and adulthood. He was known as The Vampire of Sacramento for his sadistic act of drinking his victim’s blood and ingesting their organs. From rape to cannibalism to necrophilia, you will find out exactly what drove this man to kill. Richard Trenton Chase was born May 23rd, 1950 in Santa Clara, California. He was born into a terrible home. With a mentally-ill mother and an alcoholic father, his parents were fighting constantly. Because he was in his Trust vs Mistrust stage when all of this happened, he would look to his parents for guidance/protection but not receive it. This caused many trust issues later on in Chase’s life. Until he was about 8 he would consistently wet the bed. By 10, he was setting fires, torturing and killing small animals, and showing …show more content…

Not even a week after the murder of Teresa Wallin, Chase invaded 38 year old Evelyn Miroth’s home. The house consisted of her 22-month-old nephew, David, her 6 year old son Jason, and a neighbor from next door who came to help Evelyn take care of the kids. While Evelyn was in the bath and the kids watched TV, Dan the neighbor, walked down the hallway and got shot in the forehead by Chase. Richard turned Dan’s body over and took his keys and wallet. Startled by the gunshot, Jason tried to run to his mother’s room but Chase shot him 2 times in the forehead before he could. Immediately after killing Jason, Chase made his way over to the couch and shot 22 month year old David in the head. Finally he entered the bathroom and shot Evelyn 3 killing her. He then took her corpse into the bedroom and sodomized her. While doing this he would drink her blood through cuts on her neck. Examiners say they found an abnormal amount of semen in her anus showing numerous

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