Richard Turner Argumentative Essay

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When students cheerfully waited for the oncoming Thanksgiving break of the year, a man died quietly near the most bustling street on campus at a chilling night. Police officers discovered him in the next morning and reported that the man was Richard Turner, a 54-year-old male. Richard Turner didn’t sound familiar to me at all. However, as I scrolled down and saw the picture of him on my phone, I was completely stunned. I knew this man. Richer Turner was very well-known, because students often saw him on campus, including me. His sudden death brought heavy hearts and melancholy to many other students and me. However, my initial impression of Richard Turner was not positive. Now, his death traced me back to the first semester of my college life, when I started to know who he was. Richard Turner was a short black homeless man, whose unhealthily inflated belly made it hard for him to walk normally. His long and messy white beards made him look much older than 54 years old. He also had a strange mental…show more content…
One day, he sit on the freezing sidewalk, desperately looking for someone’s help. I walked to him and gave him two dollars. I thought that he would say something grateful to me after he pocketed the money. However, instead of saying thanks, he told me that he wanted me to buy him a twenty-dollar jacket to keep warm. I was a little bit angry and said no to him. A few days later, when I was walking to my apartment in a cold evening, I saw Richard Turner sleeping on the sidewalk without any cover. I felt sad and regretful. A jacket meant little for me, but for him, it meant warmth and even better life. As I was feeling sorry for Richard Turner, two students approached him and put a bag containing two new blankets besides him. I suddenly realized that there were students like them who cared about Richard Turner’s life. Many students considered him as a part of this big community all the
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