Continuity And Space In Richard Wright's An American Architecture

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Wright, An American Architecture
In the excerpts from "An American Architecture", Wright discusses the idea of continuity and interior spaces. In his introduction he states that continuity to him is something natural and truly organic architecture which can be achieved by the technology of machines or the natural technique. Additionally, Wright emphasizes on the idea of plasticity, the treatment of a building as a whole as seen in the work of Louis Sullivan, whose work he appreciates. Moreover, Wright 's idea if continuity touches upon both form and space as well as materials. Also, he talks about the interior of the building and how it should not be treated as something separate from the exterior. He refers to the interior as 'the reality
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He refers to the “purpose” as the incentive of why a building exists, while “function” being the projected outcome of a building and “use” engages all the different activities and programs occupied in the building. Furthermore, Hill’s definition of purpose focuses on the interaction between the users and the environment, whether they might be protected from the weather or intruders. He emphasizes that idea by giving an example about the “purpose” of an elementary school. Where the “function” in that case would be primarily educational. However regarding the “use” , Hill refers to it as being more comprehensive as it functions at both the micro scale and macro…show more content…
He talks about the proportional grid as a "basis for prefabrication"which can be expressed in numbers, figures and diagrams. Moreover, he referred to the 'proportional grid ' as the 'modulor '. He chose this word to express the measuring tool that is based on the human body and in mathematics. Additionally, Le Corbusier managed to develop a system that would convert meters into feet and inches automatically. This system was developed as a visual bridge between two incompatible scales, that is the metric and imperial and is based on the height of a man with his arms raised. In my opinion I think by drawing attention to the human body through this system and expressing the knowledge behind it impacts significantly both the appearance and function of

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